US/Japan Soccer Conversations, Part 3

Former FC Tokyo Academy players, Hanya and Shiohara

半谷 陽介(University of Massachusetts) 都立小平高校 出身

Yosuke Hanya (University of Massachusetts) Tokyo Kodaira High School

篠原 新汰(慶應義塾体育会ソッカー部) 都立駒場高校 出身

Arata Shiohara (Keio University) Tokyo Komaba High School

両者とも FC東京U−15深川→FC東京U−18の出身である。

Both played FC Tokyo U15 Fukagawa -> FC Tokyo U18


Player Introductions


Takase (Interviewer) First lets start off with both of your introductions and any memories you guys have.



Shiohara: Hanya and I would often take part in national soccer tournament trainings together. (Hanya was born early for his year so would often join in with those 1 school year below him) He would mess with me all the time.


Takase: What kind of conversations would you two have? It is hard for me to imagine what you guys would talk about.




Hanya: Mostly just messing with him haha. We never really talked all that seriously. I would call him textbook all the time haha. (Because Shiohara had knowledge on lots of things and would make timely and accurate remarks, he was given the nickname “textbook”)



Shiohara: Hanya, at the beginning, it didn’t seem like you were playing with people a year younger than you, but at the end you were one of the best players on the team. You became good at communication and getting along with your kohai (younger players) also.


Hanya: I get along with my senpai (older players) pretty well, but I personally enjoy my connections with my kohai. I like messing around with my kohai, especially after getting to know their personalities haha!


Usually we don’t have good relations with our senpais but we all liked you a lot Hanya. You were really good at mixing in with the rest of us.


Takase: How about the playing aspect for both of you?


Hanya: After entering college, I felt that the match ups changed from our time in the youth academy, and it caused us to grow as players. Things that stood out were peoples’ heading abilities and their calmness during defense. I felt that everything became tougher.



Shiohara: I felt that I was a pretty scared player haha. I particularly disliked dribbling at defenders or running in behind.


Reason for choosing university


Takase: Lets talk about your reasons for choosing your respective universities. Hanya, I’d like to hear about your story on joining a college in America.



Hanya: The reason I chose to go to college was because the players I went up against at FC Tokyo and the alumni/coaches went to college so I had many opportunities to learn about school. However, there was not much information given out, so I didn’t really have a specific college set in mind.



Shiohara: For me I wanted to choose a university that would match me. I want to go pro after college, but also get a top-level education, so for me Keio was the best fit. ]


Hanya: I think you’re (Shiohara) well balanced in things apart from soccer as well. Now I really think that life other than soccer is important. Coming to America to play was one of those things for me.


Takase: Can you (Hanya) tell us about your time in America?



Hanya: After entering school, at first all I was thinking about was to become a professional player. Then, from the team environment and atmosphere, I started thinking that soccer is not everything. I was wondering if it was okay to just focus on soccer.


Shiohara: What triggered you to decide to enter college in America?



Hanya: The influence from Kazuna (player from previous interview) was huge. Other than that was timing. Coincidentally, I had an opportunity to come to America to challenge myself and play soccer, so I decided to take that chance. I thought that instead of completing the rest of my college life focusing on the arts, playing soccer in America would be a bigger impact on my self-growth.


Shiohara: Can you tell us your specific reason for wanting to play in America?



We will end here.

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