第1回 鈴木郁也(すずきふみや) 高瀬和楠(たかせかずな)

対談選手プロフィール / Profile


FC東京U―15深川 (第四砂町中学校)

FC東京U−18   (早稲田大学高等学院)

早稲田大学ア式蹴球部 (早稲田大学 社会科学部)


FC東京U−15深川 (大島中学校)

FC東京U−18   (都立砂川)

University of South Florida

Fumiya Suzuki

FC Tokyo U15(Daiyonsunamachi Middle School)

FC Tokyo U18(Waseda Univ. High School)

Waseda University Soccer(Waseda Univ. Dept. of Social Sciences)

Kazuna Takase

FC Tokyo U15(Oojima Middle School)

FC Tokyo U18(Toritsu Sunagawa)

University of South Florida

対談内容 / Topics of Interview

⚫︎ 2人の紹介 (FC東京の思い出も含む)






Player Introduction (Including memories from FC Tokyo)

Reason for choosing current university

Difference between Japanese/American university

Things you need in both universities

Future path

Comments for players currently in high school

――――FC東京時代の思い出(主に深川時代になってしまいました、、) / Memories from Tokyo FC youth (Specifically from time at Fukagawa)


Takase: Kind of random, but there was that period we would go to the local game center before practice all the time.



Suzuki: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Our performance during practice would be affected by our success on the crane games! LOL


Takase: One time we got in so much trouble from our senpai (older teammate) Yamashita because we were talking with another senpai, Kento about going to the game center after practice together. But we still ended up going haha!



Suzuki: Well there was also the influence from another teammate, Kento! All 3 of us lived close to each other and the practice field so we hung out all the time.


Suzuki: Kazuna, what would you say Fukagawa’s image is like?



Takase: Even though Fukagawa was a J-League Youth Academy, it really felt like a club activity (middle school club soccer) I especially hated the “3000” (running around the field for 10 laps, for total of 3km)


Suzuki: Yeah, those 3000s were actual hell! I envied the players over at FC Tokyo Musashi haha! There was a time we would do the 3000 every day remember Kazuna?


Takase: Yeah definitely felt like we were going to die. If we didn’t make the time we would have to run it again the next day, so we ended up running every day.


Suzuki: There was one time there was a huge clash right?


それで、山下コーチ(現 FC東京U−18GKコーチ)に提案したんですよ。来週の3000でタイムに必ず入る約束をして、追加の3000はやらないことにしてもらいました。しかも自分から、もしタイムに入れなかったら坊主にすることを賭けて(笑)。

Takase: After yet another day of not making time, I knew we wouldn’t make it the next day because of all the fatigue we had accumulated from running every day. So I made a proposition to Coach Yamashita (Now FC Tokyo U18 GK Coach); I am going to make the 3000 time next week, so there shouldn’t be any need for me to do the rest this week. And in exchange, I made a bet that if I didn’t make time the next week I would shave my head.


Suzuki: And the result?

高瀬:奇跡的に入れました笑 気合ですねこれが。深川魂(深川を象徴する言葉)ですよ、これこそが笑 山下コーチはしてやられた顔をしていましたね。多分、中学2年生の時に3000のタイムに入れたのはこの時だけです笑

Takase: I made the time! At the end of day its all in your mindset. It was the Fukagawa Tamashii (Fukagawa Spirit, the word that symbolizes the groups strength). Coach Yamashita had a face like he’d be tricked haha. I’m also pretty sure that was the only time I made time on the 3000 during that 2nd year of middle school.

鈴木:入れるなら、最初から入れよ(笑) それは深川魂なのか?

Suzuki: If you’re going to make time, just do it from the start haha. So that was Fukagawa Tamashii?


Takase: Even you, Fumiya, were so tired of running that you said you wanted to quit hundred of times.


Suzuki: Even so, I was making time.

高瀬:流石です… そういえば、郁也くんはユースの時も含めて何度か辞めようか迷ってた時期ありましたよね?

Takase: How typical of you… Fumiya, during your youth days, there were a few times when you felt like quitting soccer right?


Suzuki: You’re right. It was hard to get a balance with school/other hobbies, and I was contemplating it a lot with myself. Outwardly I would say things like that lightly, but truthfully I was really unsure of what I should do.


Takase: Since I was close to you for a long time, I was watching you with a different set of eyes than others might have been. I could tell that you were thinking about a lot of things, but since I could relate to them as well, I knew you were going to be all right. My biggest memory of you during our youth academy days was at the Academy Finals. During the tournament you got injured but you still were selected for the bench for the final. But even though the team won, seeing you crying during the game on the bench when you knew you wouldn’t get to play made me know that you were truly a soccer player.


Suzuki: I could tell that you were thinking about a lot of things, Kazuna. You didn’t really feel like a kohai (Junior person) then. Now we can talk about anything, and we just feel like friends.


Takase: No no, I feel bad. I’ve always respected you for a long time.



Suzuki: What? There you go again, making fun of me haha! We would always talk at Toyosu remember?


Takase: You’re right. We would always bike to Toyosu so that we could have lots of different conversations.


Takase: Who would you say really looked out for you during your time at FC Tokyo?

鈴木:一番は奥原さん(現 FC東京 育成部長)かな。他にも多くのコーチに本当にお世話になったと思っている。中学3年間は本当に厳しく育っててもらって、多くのものを与えてもらって今の自分がいるかな。苦しい時に立ち返るのは奥原さんの言葉だったりする。将来的には恩返ししたいよね。

Suzuki: The most would be Mr. Okuhara (Currently Director of Development at FC Tokyo). But there were many other coaches that I am indebted to. I was coached very strictly during my 3 years in middle school, but it made me into the person I am today. When I faced difficult situations, it was Okuhara-san’s words that really resonated with me. I hope to repay him for all his guidance in the future.

高瀬: 郁也くんは確かに奥原さん一択ですね笑  僕も奥原さんの存在は大きいです。それに山下コーチも自分にとって重要な存在でした。奥原さんがいなかったら僕はサッカーをやめていたと思うし、山下コーチがいなければ、サッカーで今のレベルまでこれていないです。サッカーとうまく向き合えなかった時に自分を突き放すのではなく、自分と同じ目線に立ってくれて話を真摯に受け止めてくれましたのが奥原コーチでした。山下コーチの技術指導は日本でもトップクラスだと思っています。自分は長い間、指導を受けることができてラッキーでしたね。

Takase: Okuhara-san was always your favorite! I would have to say Okuhara-san also and I have the same level of respect for Coach Yamashita as well. If Okuhara-san wasn’t there, I think I would have quit soccer I think and if it were for Coach Yamashita I wouldn’t be at the level I am now. During times when I didn’t have any confidence in myself, he would talk to me from my own perspective and spur me to continue playing. As for Coach Yamashita, I think his goalkeeper training was top class. I was really long to be under their tutelage for such a long time.


Suzuki: We definitely need to be grateful to many people. Definitely blessed to have been taught by so many amazing people.


Takase: Let’s give back that feeling together! And on to the next topic?


This will be it for this portion of the interview. We will release a continuation of the interview in the next post. Thank you for reading and hope to see you next time! –Brandon Sako